Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Celebratory Dinner

We are in our Japan office now and after a week of trials and tribulations, successes and our wedding anniversary we went out for a celebratory dinner.

Japanese food is quite mainstream in North America but what we get there is the "mild" version. Todd and I are adventurous eaters so we always try the "wild" side of Japanese food. I think we topped it all this weekend with these culinary challenges:

1.raw horse meat thinly sliced with slivers of raw garlic dipped in wasabi soya sauce
2.raw Bonito innards (guts) mixed with olive oil, gorganzola cheese, pink peppercorns and cilantro

To be honest I have eaten horse sashimi many times but the fish innards were a challenge. It was a very complicated dish, and the texture could put some off but I appreciated the chef's chutzpah.

In our seven years in Japan these are some things we have eaten:

sweet and salty grasshoppers

raw chicken

raw pork uterus

raw liver

whole pregnant fish- eyes everything

raw everything basically

a sea creature that is orange and purple- sea squirt SEE IMAGE ABOVE
fish flavoured ice cream - surprisingly good!

pumpkin flavoured ice cream - delicious

raw octopus innards in sauce - sorry back to raw again!

fermented soya beans with mustard - Natto SEE IMAGE ABOVE

Now the odd thing is when we go to Canada I miss some of it! Anyway our motto is never say never!

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