Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Eskies Are Going To Be Okay!

The first Eskimos challenge of the new season was the Edmonton housing crisis but 20 new Eskimo players have found many leads on places to live.

"Every second call we took to our administration office yesterday at the Edmonton Eskimo facility was someone in the Edmonton area, either offering up a place for a player to live, or telling us that they knew a friend of a friend who had a place, a basement suite and that kind of thing," Dave Jamieson Spokesman for Edmonton Eskimos

In a city with record low vacancy rates and high rents this situation is not uncommon.

"The province of Alberta's ascendant economy has meant that real estate prices have risen dramatically. The 40.5 per cent increase in the price of a new home over the past year in Edmonton is the highest anywhere in the country according to a Statistics Canada report." Click Here For More

Great to see that Edmontonians pulled together to help their city's CFL players find a place to live.

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