Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Facts Speak For Themselves

This comment came from a disgruntled Edmontonian. I planned to email him directly but Dustin's email address was a dud.

"Dustin's email: Your "real estate investments" are going to put me on the street. Unfortunately, real estate has now become something that only investors can afford. I am a professional engineer making good money and housing in Alberta is simply unaffordable. I have absolutely no idea how it is affordable for a grocer or the rest of the working class to afford a home. Why not focus your business on helping people find affordable housing regardless of socioeconomic status? Your greed disgusts me."

Hello Dustin,

Thanks for your email.

I know how you feel about the rental and real estate market in Edmonton and Calgary, it is tough!

But, I think your impression of what we do is unclear.

We help people. We're the problem solvers that help folks moving into Alberta from other provinces, people who live in our cities, and others who need housing find a home. We provide, safe clean and affordable homes for people of all incomes, especially people just starting out or having financial difficulties.

In fact, we're active in helping the city come up with solutions to offer more housing and suites in the province. That way we can ease the pressure to renters and prevent unruly landlords from jacking their rents up $400 per month. We're the guys that are trying to stop the excessive rent hikes.

We help many folks of various income brackets and social classes invest in real estate too. Many of these people are looking for a way to grow what money they have and by investing into real estate are able to afford their own homes when they couldn't otherwise do so.

Another way we help out and other groups of investors do is by helping Habitat for Humanity. In fact, a group that I belong to raised of $65,000.00 to build homes for underprivileged people in Edmonton. Perhaps you'd like to get active and donate yourself?

Habitat For Humanity

Lastly, I think you'd be surprised to see the affordability of Alberta at the moment. Please go to RBC and take a look. Housing prices are actually quite affordable for many people despite the increases.

Thanks for your email.

Sincere regards,

Todd Millar.

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