Saturday, July 21, 2007

Not Again

I know where I am investing and I wouldn't stop investing there for anything. I might buy a few houses in some parts of Ontario, where the cash flow is good.

If you are a savvy investor you could invest in Saskatchewan but you must be very careful on timing.

"..... the majority of people from Alberta buying are Saskatchewan people cashing in and moving back home. They're tired of the 45-minute commutes, the hassles. They've got huge equity, and can still find a comparable house here for much less than in Edmonton or Calgary...."Saskatoon Remax broker Trent Lipka

As long as more native Saskatchewans keep returning home you could buy and sell your property to them at a profit, or perhaps to other investors who rely on the greater fool theory. Invest, but have a solid exit plan that includes carrying your property in the event that it doesn't sell. When people start moving to Saskatchewan at the tune of 100,000 a year I will start buying there; that number is a long way off from the 800 that moved in two quarters of 2006.

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