Thursday, July 05, 2007


"Record numbers of homes were sold in both Regina and Saskatoon in the second quarter as intense demand was driven by a swell of in-migration of Saskatchewanians returning from expensive Alberta living."

The Saskatchewan market is based on people going back after making their money in Alberta. And THAT is all. Once everyone has resettled back in Saskatoon who will buy your property for more than what you paid? Oh, maybe the people coming for the jobs ....

"Energy-rich Alberta's potent economy continued to attract in-migration; however, the runaway prices and activity that have characterized Calgary and Edmonton for the past 18 months have eased and will continue to return to more manageable conditions as the year progresses."

The market was crazy and beautiful last year. I mean 52%?? Excellent but not what you want year over year. I WANT it but it would wreak havoc on affordability and many, many people would be out of luck trying to buy an home.

"Commodities, such as crude oil and copper, account for about half of Canada's exports. The Canadian currency has climbed 11 per cent since crude oil touched its recent low of $49.90 per barrel on Jan. 18. Oil price rose 42 per cent since then."

Oil prices not looking so bad. The Athabasca oilsands are the worlds largest and are functioning at what some believe to be 1/3 of what the will produce in 5 years. As all these other produces start slowing down oilsands will supply the world's energy needs.

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