Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Alberta Strike

Almost 25,000 Alberta tradespeople are in favour of going on strike. Of the 5 unions involved, a startling 95% of the members voted to go on strike.

Alberta is already in a labour deficit, this strike could bring construction to a grinding stop by as early as next week. Tradespeople involved include plumbers,pipe-fitters, millwrights and electricians. The areas affected would be Calgary, Edmonton and the oil-sands.

Alberta Fire Codes

An inferno left $25 million in damages and 100 people homeless Saturday in an Edmonton Condo development raising concerns that fire codes need an overhaul. Vinyl siding, close proximity and outdated building codes are to blame says Fire Chief Randy Wolsey. Ministers say that stricter codes will come but will take time.

The Edmonton Sun Has Two Links:

Video: As it happened

Photo Gallery: Big blaze

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