Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Edmonton And Calgary Great Investments

Wondering how your area of the country is doing as far as real estate value and investment goes? The leading real estate analysts at PricewaterhouseCooper have released their annual Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2008 report.

Here is how Calgary and Edmonton fare:

 Canadian Markets to Watch

"The report comments on how Canadians like to live and work in central cities, as long as they can afford it. If housing is too pricey in 24-hour
neighbourhoods, people move to inner-ring suburbs or beyond and commute back into the cores. Investors, especially the institutions, are concentrated in
downtown areas too. Planners and developers focus on infill and more vertical projects, which reinforce the urban cores. The hot-growth energy cities out
west - Calgary and Edmonton - score the highest ratings for investment prospects, development, and for-sale housing, although it is not certain
whether the recent announcements on royalties will have any effect on this. Toronto, Canada's premier global pathway city, and Vancouver also have high
ratings. Ottawa and Montreal follow, with Halifax lagging."


"Calgary is the Canada's "resource" capital and North America's number-one boomtown. Survey respondents foresee strong buys for all sectors: 53.5% give a
buy recommendation for Hotel Property, 52.8% for Industrial/Distribution, 48.1% for Retail and Apartment Residential and 44.6% for Office Property.
Furthermore, on average the majority of respondents see Calgary For-Sale Homebuilding prospects as very good. Edmonton is closely mimicking the
Calgary-style growth wave and as long as demand for energy resources stays strong, this market will continue to do well."
For Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa or Halifax market info read here .

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