Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Here Comes The 1% Vacancy Rate

According to the CMHC Edmonton's apartment vacancy rate is at 1% with a forecast 0.8% next year. We hold a lot of mid to upper end units and we see a higher vacancy rate. Our units priced from $1600 (half duplexes or townhouses) to $2000 (3 to 5 bedroom houses) are renting but not as quickly as about 5 months ago. The vacancy rate amongst that range of units is closer to 4%.

A lot of houses on the rental market are those that investors couldn't sell in the current plateau. Some new landlords are not aware of the market conditions are are asking too much or too little for their property. However that "just right" is quite hard to find.

So if you are in low to mid range apartments you should have no problem renting if you unit is quality. Mid to higher end units now is the time to use a bit more effective marketing to get the perfect tenants. And remember winter is a harder time to rent.

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