Thursday, November 15, 2007

Fear Doesn't Equal Paralysis

What were you afraid of last year? Do you even remember?

Yesterday I was driving to a meeting and listening to my newest REIN CD's. REIN is a real estate investment group that focuses on Canadian specific real estate investing led by bestselling author Don R. Campbell.

REIN has monthly meetings across Canada but because Todd and I are out of the country so often we get the meetings on CD sent to us at our Japan office.

No matter where you are you have heard of the Alberta Royalties Tax Revision and if you are an investor in Alberta then perhaps you are concerned about what will happen and how it will affect your properties. If you were thinking of investing but the Royalties are holding you back; then you must read on.

Don R. Campbell summed it up nicely. People worry every year, day and minute. There is a no shortage of things to worry about, many people let this stop them from acting. However, if you do let things stop you, you will never get anywhere.

"I can't invest now the _______ have ruined the economy/world" or "Everything is going to a hot place (I don't mean Tahiti) in a hand basket because_____!" can be the excuse de jour.

His Summary of 2000- 2007 will bring back memories:

2000 - Y2k
2001 - Kyoto Accord/9-11
2003 - SARS/ WMD's
2004 - BSE/ Bird Flu/ West Nile Virus/ US Terror Alerts
2005 - Tsunamis, Katrina/ London Subway Bombings
2006 - Oil Crisis $60 a barrel oil
2007 - Rent controls/ Royalties

Of course many were terrible events for those directly affected. How did they affect you then?

His point is if we let every monster under the bed stop us from acting where will we be when the Royalties are just a memory, like the rent controls are today?

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