Thursday, November 22, 2007

More Smoke And Mirrors

"Cheng and Wong admitted to the panel that they raised approximately

$3.5 million from roughly 150 Alberta investors, as part of the
development of
three real estate projects to be undertaken by Carling Development Inc. and Carling Development (BC) Ltd. None of the projects
has been completed."
CNW Group

"At the height of the gold rush, a gang of con men operated in Skagway under
the leadership of Soapy Smith.
One of Soapy's best cons involved his "telegraph office."
Recent arrivals were greeted by men who offered to send telegrams to their families for only $5.
Most people did not look behind the "telegraph office" to notice that the wires ended a few yards
Postal Museum
Like the Gold Rush in the late 1890`s Alberta's oil boom is bring con - men out of the woodwork. If you are investing then you should take care to do due diligence and get independent legal advice. Make sure your investment isn't like Soapy's telegraph wires that end a few meters behind a facade.

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