Saturday, December 01, 2007

Canada's Layer Cake of Housing

Vancouver and Victoria are the icing too sweet and rich for most tastes but tempting I will give you that.

Calgary Edmonton and Toronto are the cake substantial and Ottawa, Hamilton and Montreal are the pan lower cost ( I know I am grasping for that one).

"Three cities are leading in terms of year-over-year percentage gains in house prices, both new and existing — Saskatoon, Edmonton and Regina. Price advances in Alberta’s other major centre, Calgary, have eased. Winnipeg’s new home sellers are finally participating in better housing markets. Windsor, due to its auto sector woes, is the only city in the country with declining house prices.

As for absolute house prices, there are three obvious tiers in Canada. House prices in Vancouver and Victoria, on average, are in a class by themselves, at approximately 50% above any other city in the country. Calgary, Toronto and Edmonton house prices form a second tier. Ottawa, Hamilton and Montréal are in a third lower-priced grouping."

These graphs show the year over year change in Canadian home sale prices and existing home prices

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