Saturday, December 08, 2007

This And That

Oilpatch braces for new arrivals - "New census details from Statistics Canada show that Alberta hasn't lost its grip as the province considered by Canadians as the country's promised land.

More than 225,000 people moved to Alberta from other parts of Canada between 2001 and 2006, the latest census figures show.

A slight drop from the last census period, the figure still maintains Alberta's status by far as the province with the highest net gain of population due to migration from other provinces."

Growth in population means increases in housing prices

Calgary's property tax plan half of what they want here! - "While Edmontonians could be clobbered with a 10.9% property tax hike in the new year, our Cowtown (Calgary) cousins are being asked to pony up less than half that - 4.5%."

Edmonton has a smaller population to pay taxes that's why Calgary pays less

For Big Cities A Taxing Dilemma- "Mr. Brooks said he fears Vancouver could end up losing some of its head offices to friendlier tax jurisdictions in other provinces, such as Calgary and Edmonton, which ranked much better in the REALpac study as the country's second- and third-friendliest cities in property tax terms behind St. John's."

Business friendly cities get the business it's common sense

Credit Crunch Won't Affect Real Estate - “Fundamentals remain strong and are capable of weathering a slowing global economy, while tighter lending requirements in North America and Europe are putting moderate-leverage investors in a better position to secure deals at improved pricing,” says Jacques Gordon, global strategist at LaSalle Investment Management. “The future offers a return to more normal leverage and margin levels that will enable those who truly understand the property markets to prosper.”

Real estate is a safe solid investment


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