Saturday, December 08, 2007

What Do You Want In Your Luxury Home?

Do you have a heated drive? How about a personal elevator?

Royal Lepage released it's top 10 list of the most sought after luxury home additions in multi-million dollar homes. Anything you can dream of you can get, and some people are, in their multi-million dollar cribs.

"The bar just keeps getting higher when it comes to outfitting one's multimillion-dollar pad," Royal LePage

The list included:

1. Elevator Car Lifts

2. Indoor Car Washes

3. Walk In Fridges

4. Home Gyms

5. Wine Cellars

Other popular accessories include:

1.Personal Elevators

2. Theatre Rooms

3. Screened- in outdoor eating areas

4. heated driveways

5. sewing and or wrapping rooms

"Accessorizing the property with the hottest must-haves is a natural extension of living a luxury lifestyle and a way to stand out from the crowd," Elli Davis, a sales rep with Royal LePage Real Estate Services.

Here is my top 6 list:

1. Perpetual Swimming Pool

2. A Gym

3. A home Theatre

4. A Japanese Style Bath

5. A Huge Brick Fireplace

6. Glassed in Deck Kitchen

So what will you have? The heated driveway or the personal elevator?


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