Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Young Workforce Values Elder Workforce

Alberta's Greatest Resource Is People.

Canada has the youngest population of any developed country and Alberta has the youngest population in Canada.At a median age of 35.9, Alberta's advantage is it's young highly trained and sustainable workforce.

In turn younger families are causing a "rippling economic boom effect"; as they have children the demands on daycares and other facilities are increased . Daycares with huge waiting lists are turning to seniors to help ease their labour strain.

"Alberta is an energetic and vibrant place that's attracting young workers," she said. "But we're also seeing how seniors are returning to work - like a 76-year-old electrician I know - or are volunteering on a full-time basis."

"There may have been a period of disregard for the older worker,"

"Now they're seen as responsible and reliable - and are valued.
Ruth Maria Adria The Elder Advocates Society of Alberta chairman

It seems as if we are coming full circle. In the past it was always the elders in the family that helped rear the young. Now while your mom is a snowbird in Belize you can get a volunteer or paid senior to help with your child care needs.

It seems like everyone wins.

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