Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Great Advice For Using Facebook Professionally

I found a link on Web Worker Daily that offers 12 ways to use Facebook professionally. It is over a year old but I think that it is still quite relevant and useful if you haven't explored that social network as a web tool.

Here is the first tip:

"Think of it like personalizing your desk. You can’t help it. When you walk by someone’s desk, your eye is drawn to the pictures and the way they have personalized and organized their space. You pick up on clues to their lives without realizing it. Mary is a Mom whose desk is filled with pictures of two young children, and there are “To Mommy” pictures pinned to the side of her cubicle. You know what her weekends are probably like. John is still dating his high school sweetheart. He likes to scuba dive and he got some great shots of his last trip to Bonaire. You can see the paperback that Bill is reading on the corner of his desk. “Hey, I’ve been meaning to read that. Can I borrow it when you’re done?” Sally has a collection of labels from her favorite wine bottles. You know what to get her for her birthday.

Only display on your profile what you’d put on your desk. Just because Steve owns a picture his buddy took of him getting sick after an all-night party doesn’t mean he’s going to frame it and put it out for his co-workers to admire. Don’t add anything to your profile that you wouldn’t display for your supervisors, co-workers and clients to see as they’re walking by your work environment."

I think that is fantastic right now on my desk I have my goals, a day planner and a picture of my husband and I in the Philippines. They could actually all be replicated on Facebook and be used to start conversations, make connections and perhaps network with people. READ MORE

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