Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Oh Look, Someone Else Discovered Alberta!

This great nugget is from www.marketwatch.com:

"A boom of unprecedented dimensions is sweeping Canada's spectacularly scenic western province of Alberta, the Texas-sized territory with a population of 3 million that is home to a pair of world-class cities -- Calgary (population 1.2 million) and Edmonton (population 1.1 million)." Marshall Loeb, Market Watch

It doesn't matter what the Edmonton property market does in the short term because all the international investors who are coming to Alberta, Canada are looking at the long-term. That is how the "strong hands" do it. For more information on Alberta Oilsands click here

But I leave you with this:

"Canada has rather rapidly become the largest supplier of oil to the U.S. Alberta is producing more than 1 million barrels of so-called synthetic oil a day, and the province is sitting atop the largest petroleum deposit outside the Arabian Peninsula (as much as 300 billion recoverable barrels).
As a result, the economy of Alberta since 2002 has been growing an average 12.2% annually. That's not far from China's average, 14.8 %. In the past decade, Alberta's per-capita GDP has almost doubled, to $66,000.
Demand for labor is so intense that Alberta has basically run out of people. Fast-food emporiums, for example, are closing down because managers cannot find folks willing to work for their modest wages." Read More

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