Tuesday, April 08, 2008

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Canada in the middle of a quiet oil boom -
"With oil prices hovering near a hundred dollars a barrel, there’s a major oil boom underway. It’s not happening in the sweltering heat of Texas or the dry desert of Saudi Arabia, but on the frozen Canadian tundra where oil producers are developing a new source of fossil fuel. It may seem like unlikely terrain for one of the biggest oil booms in recent memory. But Canada’s “oil sands” have helped make it the leading supplier to the United States." The amazing thing is that at 3 million barrels a day we have enough oil to last 400 years.

Numbers Tell The Truth- Count On It
"and what about climate change? Now there's a nice juicy topic for number crunchers like me. When it comes to the we're-all-doomed file, the spinmeisters have got a big hate on for Alberta's oilsands.

According to a recent front-page Globe and Mail story, the oilsands generate fully 25 per cent of Canada's carbon emissions. Except, well, they don't. In a subsequent correction, the Globe admitted the number was just eight per cent.

Now let's see. Since Canada accounts for two per cent of the global total, that means the oilsands generate between one and two tenths of one per cent of the worldwide tally. Horrifying, really." Climate change is important and Alberta is doing amazing things to reduce its emissions.

Wooing European Workers A Goal Of Mandel's Trip
Mayor Stephen Mandel is leaving Friday on an eight-day trip to Eastern Europe that he hopes will make it easier to attract workers for the booming local economy.

"It's to solidify some ties in Europe with Edmonton so we not only have opportunities for trade, but also recruiting labour," he said today.

The only thing slowing oil sand production is a lack of labour.

What an area to be investing in!

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