Thursday, April 24, 2008

Pregnant With First Child

I went to the doctor here yesterday for my 17 week check-up. I actually really enjoy the whole Japanese medical process. I think we are being made wimps back home(Canada).

I don't need a lot of tests (although I see the value of having them if you are in a higher risk bracket) from what I have read on the net everyone back home is offered the test even if they are in their 20's and have no history of genetic abnormalities in their family. Sounds like a cash cow for the medical system... Plus why stress the mother more and introduce a foreign body into your baby's sanctum?

I like that I will get two midwives and a doctor who stands in the background, I like that I won't be doped unless necessary (of course I can say that now but in the throws of it who knows???) and that I should cope with the pain instead of mask it.

Trust me if anything goes wrong I'm the first to be grateful for a first class, modern medical facility but to be honest my body has been perfected to do this through evolution - surely it knows what it is doing?

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