Friday, June 13, 2008

Alberta - Key To Diversification Is Technology

Alberta's economy is more diversified than it has every been however a large part of the booming economy is based on the oil sands. Depending too closely on harvesting and shipping resources could cause Alberta to miss other opportunities to sustain the province's incredible wealth.

The government of Alberta has launched a $178 million dollar strategy to help the province commercialize it's technological expertise built up through development of its oil and gas resources

"The Alberta government is serious about a future that is diversified, in order to create long-term prosperity in the province,.....It's important to build on our strengths in the resource sector, but technology is the key that can reach into every area of our economy." Premier Ed Stelmach

It's a great way to avoid relying on a non- renewable resource, no matter how many years of proven supply you have left.

Learn more about the strategy and to read the newsletter from the Alberta Council Of Technologies Click Here

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