Sunday, June 01, 2008

This And That May 2008

Tax hikes on the way for 2009, Edmonton council warns - As property tax bills land in mailboxes throughout Edmonton, city council is already warning that next year's bills will be at least nine per cent higher.

A city report released Wednesday estimates municipal taxes will need to be raised by at least 9.4 per cent to help cover the costs of running the booming city.

Wal-Mart doubling Alberta supercentres-"Alberta is a wonderful part of the country . . . and it's a wonderful place to do business," "It's always been one of our strongest markets." "your economy has been booming for a long time and with that strong economy it means even more growth and more demand for general merchandise and food." Andrew Pelletier, vice-president of corporate affairs for Wal-Mart Canada "This mean more jobs for Albertans"

Alberta Avenue gets a facelift - Alberta Avenue, the 27-block stretch of 118th Avenue north of downtown, is getting a facelift. Crews are beginning work on "streetscaping" five blocks of the avenue, putting in new road surfaces, new and wider sidewalks, new trees and better lighting. "Prices are sure to rise in this area as the gentrification starts"

Alberta can handle oil-price drop: economist - Companies are investing very prudently right now and can still make good money at $70 a barrel," said Peter Hall, economics vice-president of Export Development Canada. "So they are making great money at $124 a barrel."

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