Sunday, June 08, 2008

This And That

Alberta Needs To Increase Presence Globally - "An Alberta government committee is recommending the province sell itself on a grander scale around the globe -- beyond its 10 current international offices -- by opening several new bureaus on four different continents."

Alberta currently has offices in Munich, London, Beijing, Hong Kong, Washington and Tokyo. It's incredible to imagine a province with so much to offer that it has 10 international offices promoting it.

Alberta Bitumen to reach 2 Billion Barrels by 2017 -"A new report by the Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB) reports that Alberta’s annual production of bitumen (oil sands) is forecast to increase to more than one billion barrels by 2017, more than two and a half times the amount produced in 2007."

All the oil sands require is a steady labour force and a labour force requires quality rental or single family properties. Real estate is a basic necessity that must be provided.

Alberta's Oil Called Dirty - "..Canadian officials said it doesn't really matter who wins the election; Alberta oil will continue to remain an important source of supply south of the border. Canada regularly alternates between Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and Mexico as the No. 1 exporter to the world's largest oil consumer."

Canada is one of the few countries who joined the Kyoto Accord, remains one of the lowest producers of greenhouse emissions and Alberta is constantly improving it's environmental impact. However we have become a "hot environmental topic" for one of the biggest polluters in the world.

Alberta's Unemployment Rate Up But Still The Lowest - "Alberta's unemployment numbers nudged up slightly to 3.6 per cent in May, but the province still leads the nation with the lowest rate."

Calgary has the lowest unemployment rate and Edmonton has the fourth lowest in Canada.

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