Thursday, June 26, 2008

Good Points If You Are A Seller

First of all if you are trying to sell in Edmonton better make the deal pretty sweet because about 11,000 other properties are on the market looking for a new owner. To be frank I wouldn't sell now unless I had a pretty good reason.

If you are an investor then why not ride out the dip and wait for the low unemployment, high provincial in-migration and stupendous economy to see you right?

For those of you who are just trying to sell your home then this advice is quite useful:

"What about the seller? Should he despair? Not at all! Firstly, if, as is frequently the case, the seller is planning to buy a replacement home immediately upon selling, the difference that he can expect to pay remains relatively constant, regardless of the market condition. That is the precise reason to at least be in the market, and not on the sidelines.

To achieve a best-value sale in today’s market, the seller must face a number of realities that may not have been as critical to a successful sale over the past few years.

Realistic pricing tops the list. With much greater competition for fewer buyers, pricing even one or two per cent over market may dramatically reduce the chances of an offer. Testing the market with a higher price is not a great idea." Peter Dolezal

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