Thursday, November 26, 2009

How far is the.....? Walk Score is too cool!

There's gotta be a grocery store around here right? Famous last words. The house is perfect and matches all you criteria. You can' t wait to move but where is everything?


How many times are you asked by a prospective buyer or tenant what amenities a neighbourhood (Canadian spelling!) has? A lot. I admit sometimes when I fill out online forms for our rental properties that I use my judgment on what is near and far.

Sometimes that is ok but if you don't have a car....

To Walk Score, this website is so cool! Simply put in an address and you will get a rating on the neighbourhood's "walk-ability"(whether you need a car or not) and the proximity of all amenities down to the last tenth of a kilometer.

Picture a walkable neighborhood. You lose weight each time you walk to the grocery store. You stumble home from last call without waiting for a cab. You spend less money on your car—or you don't own a car. When you shop, you support your local economy. You talk to your neighbors."

Ah the last call dilemma.... haven't been bothered by that in years!

Anyway it's an amazing resource for all real estate professionals.

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