Thursday, November 19, 2009

Now is the season to be charitable.

With the holidays around the corner ( I know I am pushing it!) there is never a better time to give back. Coming out of an recession is hard on everyone's pocket books and sometimes it is most obvious during the holidays.

There are so many great charities to take part in. I have been invited via Facebook to Wrap Harder which sounds like a lot of fun.

Another one via the news Stuff a bus - the Edmonton Food Bank hopes to raise 240,000 kg of food. That's right about $90,000 or a bus full of food!

A great idea. I hope to do all I can here. Canadian Feed The Children Best Gift Ever is a great program where you can donate in someones name.

The gifts range from about $15 dental care for a child in a developing country to a $2000 new school. There are all price ranges in between. My husband and I are doing this for each other.

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