Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Look out technophobes! Changes in real estate.

Some of you know that I 've lived in Japan for about a decade now. The one thing that is constant here is change. Sometimes if I don't go downtown for a month buildings have changed.

Japan leads in new technology. The coolest thing is a square called a QR code that can go anywhere (clothing tags, drink cans, business cards) it acts like a bar code when scanned with a cell phone. The cell phone owner may be led to a website or can pay for the product using the code.

That technology reminds me of this:

"The listing-sheet box may be going the way of the $150,000 house.

You know the box. It's affixed in front of homes for sale and holds brochures or sheets of paper with the property's asking price, listing details and the realtor's business card.

It's being replaced, or superseded in importance, by a 21st-century- technology version that takes advantage of younger homebuyers' love of text messaging.

Vancouver-based RealtyText is the latest text-messaging service to move into Edmonton. The company plans to move into Calgary as well.

After launching in Edmonton two weeks ago, it now has more than 20 realtors subscribing to the service allowing them to upload their listings to the system and add a special code to their for-sale signs, says president George Haddad.

Customers who see a home can punch the number on the sign into their phone. "All the information about the property comes up within seconds on their phone, including photos," Haddad says."

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