Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kids hate vegetables.

I met a little American boy the other day who told me how much he hated vegetables. I actually hear this a lot from western kids and I wonder why. Whereas in Japan kids will tell you how delicious vegetables are some even going so far as to give recipes for best results.

Where do they get these ideas? Are they from parents who think kids who hate spinach are cute? Or TV where kids are feisty and well aware of parents attempts to sneak extra nutrition into food.

It brings me to memes and specifically those related to money. Investing is risky. Real estate gets you up at 4 am. Tenants are a headache that eventually reduce your R.O.I in terms of time management. The safest thing is to invest in mutual funds and keep my head down working. I can retire in 35 years.

The problem with my generation is we've got the memes of our parents (university,job security, pension) and also the memes of the information age- where fortunes can be made online. The paradox of risk and security can leave you in inaction.

At any rate we DO have the power to select the memes we live by. Though many will tell you you're crazy to take the road less traveled by... it makes all the difference.

So eat your vegetables and take control of your financial future.

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