Monday, February 01, 2010

Kiyosaki Busted?

CBC slammed Rich Dad Robert Kiyosaki after some hidden camera work and investigative reporting in Ontario. Exposed were what seemed to be some truly horrible real estate investing seminars that were held in the Rich Dad name.

Not only did the seminars cost around $12,000 - $45,000 but apparently the trainer, Marc Mousseau was abusive, rude, arrogant and seriously ridiculous. There was intense up-selling and pressure to increase credit card limits to buy more real estate and maybe more courses. Those who protested were hauled out by security.

I personally have a lot to thank Rich Dad for. His game Cashflow and books were our start into investing. I still play the game today and always get something out of it. The report looks injurious to his image but I think, as with anything, you must consider the big picture of all the positive his work has done.

Anyway we're all adults if someone pressured you to increase you credit card to $100k would you run out and do it? I wouldn't. Think of the interest!

Watch the 20 minute video

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