Monday, May 31, 2010

City Makeovers and The Future of Edmonton

We went to the Stanley L. Milner Library the other day filled with slight trepidation as a couple young girls had been attacked there less than a month before. We both commented on how beautiful and citizen friendly the downtown area would be if it could be "taken back".

It looks like the City of Edmonton and ProCura Real Estate is ready to do just that with plans to build a 708 unit Mayfair village in the downtown area.

"A lot of the things we're doing here can be done elsewhere. The game changer for Edmonton is about downtown, and Mayfair Village is a component of that. If we can change downtown, we can change Edmonton forever, and for the better." Randy Ferguson, ProCura's Edmonton-based COO Read More

Programs like REACH will also work to taking downtown and giving it back to law abiding citizens.

Slowly and surely the change to downtown Edmonton is coming. Soon Edmonton will have a downtown worthy of it's economic prowess, growing wealth and innovative future.

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