Monday, May 03, 2010

Location Location Location

Location, Location, Location! It is important, and our move back to Canada attests that simple fact. Even when your team is firing on all cylinders nothing beats the opportunity of speaking with a neighbor on the corner or meeting someone new in the park. Not only do you expand your network and make new friends, you're in a powerful position to be a problem solver and pick up some new properties.

In the last week I've viewed 6 properties and have made offers on 2. Yesterday I found a 1950's bungalow listed FSBO a few blocks from my house. This seller's listing was a simple sign stuck in the front lawn - nothing online or in the paper. This property has potential for a suite downstairs and is in an easily rentable location.

My team is trained to source out these kinds of deals as well, but everyone has their own niche, area and target. With eyes open and ears tuned in, we're able to attract that extra little bit of sweet deals. You're involved in that too. You're either benefiting as a partner and sharing in the profits or perhaps you have a friend of a friend that needs to sell in Edmonton. Give us a call. We can offer them and you the help needed. 

Edmonton's economy is stamping its big boots forward. Even though we're still in the 'W' for the next while, there is a definite, positive turn forward. Edmonton and Calgary will show the highest growth in Canada for the 2011-2014 period. Calgary at 4.4% and Edmonton at 4.3% which are very healthy numbers. Another great thing about living back in Edmonton is the 8:45PM sunsets! Great way to maximize your day.

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