Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Oilsands Outlook

Two publication's outlooks on the future of the oilsands:

Forum showcases benefits of Alberta Oilsands - "Alberta’s oil sands represent not only a major North American source of energy and economic growth, but also an important laboratory for environmental management technologies, participants at a Washington forum agreed.

“They are a source of strategic value. Even with today’s economic conditions, oil sands projects are proceeding,” observed Alberta Premier Edward M. Stelmach in remarks opening the North American Energy Summit at the Canadian embassy on May 6. “They also create US jobs.”

The province was the first North American government to set a price ($15/ton) on carbon emissions from large manufacturers, and it is using the revenue to finance energy efficiency and renewable energy research, he continued. “We have real world experience,” Stelmach said. “We’ve done a lot of good work in Alberta, and we want the world to know it.”

Gulf's pain oilsands gain -
"Should political pressure and public anger translate into extensive offshore drilling rules, the landlocked oil sands could become financially favourable, said Brad MacKay, a professor in the University of Edinburgh Business School's MBA program."

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