Monday, May 03, 2010

Cyber Glitches and Muddy Boots

My apologies if you experienced any delay in receiving the last newsletter. Our server was experience some kind of midlife cyber crisis and was acting a little tetchy. In fact, it has now reverted to our old back up site which doesn't have the new, fresh, updated 2009/10 files on it. Oh well. Even servers want to relive their youth.

I've been busy these last few weeks compiling data about Oil Sands and infrastructure projects for the Northern quadrant of Alberta. As a matter of fact, I took a trip to a small town on the Alberta side of the Saskatchewan border.

These sleepy little towns have a strong pulse as suppliers/distributors to the Oil Sands work stations. What I discovered was that business is up, way up. The Northern heart is pumping.

Last year was one of the roughest, but not without strides being made in the spirit of refocus. I'll be in Vancouver the week after next attending the Canadian mining show. If you want to study the economy, learn about the people, the economic drivers and the real direction of it - get out there and experience it.

Stay tuned for some real, on the ground, muddy boot research from someone who is out in the field and can tell you exactly why (or why not) that little rental house is worth buying. All of my recent and ongoing study shows that the acres of diamonds are still right here in your Edmonton backyard.

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