Monday, April 25, 2011

Commit to Big Cities

Calgary mayor highlights the way municipalities have been ignored in the campaign - "Whatever happens in this federal election, voters in cities like Edmonton aren't likely to come out as winners. No major party is consistently standing up for the interests of city voters. They all need to do better.

Calgary's progressive new mayor Naheed Nenshi recently studied the platforms of the three major parties and found little in them for the 80 per cent of us who reside in the cities of this country."

Take the political posts with a grain of salt... I think the basic idea here is in the title and worth repeating 'Commit To Big Cities'. We must remain active shaping the direction of our federal, provincial and municipal riding so that we get leadership in place that will help our city grow and expand thoughtfully. Edmonton has so much opportunity and a plan to see LRT expansion coupled with revitalizing the city core are basics. How we spend, reinvest and distribute provincial money to create art and community building activities is also key.

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