Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This and That

Alberta Economic Optimism is the Highest in Nation -"Last year Alberta was one of two provinces that saw a decline in employment so you were late in this employment recovery story but that all changed in January as you had the best job numbers in a month since May of 06," RBC Senior Vice President and Chief Economist Craig Wright

I’ve heard leading economists Todd Hirsch and Mary McGregor speak this year. The news for Alberta looks to be one of stable and long growth. 2013 to 2019 really show the economy expanding and projects being built. From 2020 to 2030 many of the larger projects currently booked will come to completion. From 2030 onwards the building growth simmers down, but maintenance and operation continue steadily.

Premier Shells Alberta Economy - "Last week, Stelmach ambushed the oil industry by rolling out proposed regulations to halt oilsands production on two million hectares - including land that had already been leased to two dozen different oil and mining companies.

Those companies had followed all the rules. They went through the necessary hearings, complied with all the regulations, paid their fees and were approved.

That's a contract. And based on that contract, those companies spent money and hired workers."

Stelmach isn’t leaving soon enough… Regardless if you are pro, anti or in the middle when it comes to Alberta’s Oilsands – what you DON’T do is rip up a contract. Then again, some would say you’d stay your term as Premier too, without bailing out in the middle, but in this case, the sooner an unstable Premier such as Stelmach leaves, the better.

Edmonton Stories - A great site to get insight into living, visiting and working in Edmonton. There are some pretty interesting stories.

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