Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Does Don R. Cambell really kick ass?

According to the article from 'Kick Ass Canadians' Don does. Don has helped me align specific elements of my business and has offered invaluable solutions to a few particularly complex real estate questions. Believe me, stuff gets complex when you work with partners outside of Canada, never mind the regular hurdles an investor faces daily. After time you begin to roll with things or get out of the game.

The best investors (the most profitable ones at least) invest without emotion - that is true. But, all the while tenants, employees, partners, husbands, wives, children and the world - are running around emotionally charged. It can get overwhelming at times.

One of the many likable traits Don has is his bluntness (well, I like that about him). He calls it like he sees it. If you like unbridled doses of truth, Don is your guy.

Now, Don may not look like a massive He-man, but he isn't a sissy either. He is a verbal ninja with words like razor-sharp throw stars, he defends the good. I would go as far to say if Don Campbell and Chuck Norris were in a fight.... Never mind.

Yes, Don is a kick ass Canadian.

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