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June 1st., 2011 
Volume 10, Issue 5

Dear Friends and Partners,

I moderate my doses of news as so much of it is unhealthy; unhealthy reporting, topics and servings of negativity. With that said I do tune into a few CBC Radio programs and they have had extensive coverage of the Slave Lake fire. I have found the interviews of the residents powerful. CBC reporters had spoken with folks who were literally breathless from having run to escape the flames. Other coverage took place from makeshift shelters in Athabasca. And more recently from the parking lot of a nearby town, as buses departed taking residents on a trip back of the remains of Slave Lake, touring neighborhoods where fire disintegrated more than three quarters of the homes to smoldering ash.

Imagine that for a moment. You're at home with your kids when suddenly you get a knock at the door telling you you have to leave - right now. You grab the kids, your pets and not much else. As you try and flee town you realize the fire is much worse than you thought as your only escape is a dusty, smoky, potholed back road lined with an inferno of blazing orange trees, collapsing helter-skelter around you. The next couple days are a blur as firefighters from all over Canada are sent in to help put out the fire - but it is stubborn and takes days. You still don't know if your house or business survived. Fast forward to last Thursday when residents did get to go back, many of which had lost their cars, homes and places of employment.

CBC interviewed these folks and the matter-of-fact resilience was amazing. Many people were optimistic to rebuild and excited that a few landmarks remained. They might have lost almost all of their material objects save the intangible memories they shared in their homes - but they are optimistic! I certainly hope I would be. Of course there are folks rightfully bewildered by loss and despair but the overwhelming majority shares a bespoke 'Getter Done' attitude to rebuilding.

Take a bit of that resilience today and magnify it back in the things you do; let it grow and go back to those people and the people in your family and community.


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Calgary Rental Company Offers Free Apartments For Slave Lake Fire Victims

By Clara Ho, Calgary Herald. May 24th 2011

CALGARY — A Calgary-based apartment rental company is offering 50 Edmonton suites to Slave Lake fire victims free of charge for up to three months.

“When I was watching TV, I saw many guys sleeping in gyms, sleeping bags, in cars, and my heart bled for them,” said Bob Dhillon, CEO of Mainstreet Equity Corp., which owns 8,000 apartment units across Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon and Vancouver.

“What we can offer is accommodation. We want to give them an opportunity to get their life together.”

Expect To Pay More For Food, Power This Summer: National Energy Board

By Dina O'Meara, Calgary Herald May 20th 2011

CALGARY — Be prepared to pay more for power and fuel this summer in Alberta, according to the latest price outlook by the National Energy Board.

Although gasoline prices have eased somewhat since jumping earlier in the month, oil prices averaging $100 US per barrel to $120 US per barrel over the summer likely will cause renewed pain at the pump, the board said Thursday.

Unrest in the Middle East, the crisis in Japan and China’s growing demand for energy all factored into the boards expectations of continued high prices for oil. READ MORE HERE


Armed With White Stetsons, Calgary Invades China

Carolynne Wheeler: The Globe and Mail, May 27th, 2011

There will be an estimated 150 million outbound Chinese tourists by 2015. Alberta is hoping a few hundred thousand of them will be inspired to take a look at some of Canada’s natural wonders.

Armed with a new Mandarin-language tourism website and dozens of white Stetsons to give away to business leaders, Calgary’s largest-ever trade delegation has just landed in Beijing for a week of selling its city to a Chinese audience. GRAB THIS STORY

I appreciate all your calls and emails. I'm looking forward to helping you with your next step towards building real wealth.

Your success continues EVERYDAY, let me help you build for tomorrow.

"The best place to find a helping hand is at the end of your own arm." -Swedish Proverb

Warm Regards,

Todd and Danielle Millar


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