Thursday, May 12, 2011

Dream Big Alberta!

A report on the challenges facing Alberta in the coming years is a blueprint on what we'll have to be, think and do to bring Alberta to the state of success she can be. Topics include pressing environmental issues, control program spending and curbing the province's reliance on energy royalties.

"It challenges Albertans to dream big, to look beyond the province's (and Canada's) borders, to think long-term, and to recognize how the rapid ascent of Asia and the decline of the U.S. will affect the province's future prospects." Read More

Politics and often the general mindset of folks is for today. People grumble about their daily jobs and rejoice during a boom; but many don't give much thought to the long-term. To think and live larger than our positions today, to plan and build for a BIG future is what is important. Breaking away from myopic ideas and talking, working and thinking bigger will lead to more ingenuity and a superior economy that is well balanced.

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