Monday, May 09, 2011

Osama Bin Laden's Death by Dr. John Demartini

I am certain that many U.S. American's are now temporarily feeling that some form of justice has been finally served by Osama Bin Laden's death. But that may only be a temporary feeling and illusion. Bin Laden is only one of many individuals that have opposed and that still do oppose what the USA represents.

An over celebration of this death may be transiently meaningful and socially unwise. That is like the irrational exuberance that occurred when Saddam Hussein's statue fell and when he was captured. Many illusively imagined that the war in Iraq was now over and another illusive villain finally gone. But this too was naïve.

It is wiser to now understand that there are probably many Osama Bin Laden-like individuals with alternative and even opposing human values and intentions that will most likely emerge and attempt to confront or counter attack the U.S.A. once again.

Any time two individuals, families, communities, cities, states or nations have dissimilar or opposing values; clashes, conflicts and wars can ensue. Until two individuals, nations or cultures understand their differences and find their hidden similarities and humble themselves enough to learn and appreciate each other's unique values; value and ideological clashes will be repeated historically.

I am grateful for the closure on the story of 9-11 for many of the families and people directly and indirectly involved during the 2001 and other terrorist's attacks, but I feel that we are wise to ultimately learn that similar and opposing values (like synonyms and antonyms in language) are what make up the world. Having temporary wins or defeats over or under our opponents in a world that is ultimately here to teach us how to love and appreciate ourselves and others, is missing the ultimate purpose of the variety amongst human value systems that make up the world as a whole.

As the Greek philosopher Heraclitus once emphasized there exist dynamic equilibriums of complementary opposites throughout the world. True love may be ultimately a synthesis and synchronicity of these various complementary opposites.

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