Friday, May 20, 2011

This and That

Bold Step Forward Starts with Future Fund - "During the latter part of the Klein years, the Alberta government was criticized as not having a vision for the province's economic future. In response, in 2009 Premier Ed Stelmach commissioned a council of prominent resident and non-resident Albertans to create a vision for sustained prosperity in a changing world.

Some of the report's recommendations, released this month, have been criticized, some are gathering support and many will play out in the coming months as no less than three Alberta political parties choose new leaders. But whatever you think about the report, it is important not to throw out the baby with the bathwater."

Imagine if this kind of plan became mandatory for a province? Every city, town and local government sat down together and made an action plan for the next 30 years. Sure, sometimes plans would change or the ideas may be off-track and need to be altered, but what a great idea! Instead of running to catch up with what happens to us; we begin to shape and attract what we want to see in the future. Read More Here

Inter-provincial Migration to Alberta Set to Pick Up - "This provides an incentive for Canadians to relocate to Alberta and, if history is any guide (see graph), net interprovincial migration to Alberta could as much as triple from 2010 levels over the next few years.

In addition to the favorable unemployment differential, wages and housing prices in Alberta are also supportive of higher net-migration to Alberta. Wages in Alberta are the highest in the country (by far) at over 15 per cent higher than the Canadian average. And, compared to the boom years, housing prices have cooled off in Alberta relative to other provinces, which makes relocating here more affordable."

Strong in-migration, higher wages and housing affordability all equal an increase in renters as well as renters-turn-to-home-buyers in the next 18-36 months. This is good for landlords in the Edmonton housing market. Click Here

Five Alberta MPs rewarded with spots in Harper's new cabinet - "University of Calgary political scientist David Stewart said cabinet's composition gives the province a strong voice at the decision-making table. "Albertans certainly are arguably in the two most powerful positions (in government)," Stewart said."

Although the new cabinet is on the large side (should make NDP pleased) the selection of Albertan MPs will give us a representative voice in Ottawa. Jump Here

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