Friday, September 23, 2011

Edmonton Hazeldean/Ritchie Cell Phone Tower

If you've ever been to the Mill Creek Ravine you'll know what a beautiful part of Edmonton it is. Ski, hiking, biking and running trails spread over the South Eastern part of Edmonton. The ravine itself is surrounded by tree-lined streets populated by 50's bungalows, schools and modern in-fills. All in all a very desirable area of Edmonton.

Sadly, these areas are being considered for a 6-storey cell tower, right next to a elementary school and a seniors home. The biggest irony there is an perfectly suited industrial area less than 10 blocks away.

We've got some rentals in the area and really, really don't want the cell phone tower. I understand the need for these towers but they should be in industrial areas - absolutely not next to schools in residential areas.

These communities aren't taking it laying down though:

"The proposed 25-metre cell phone tower is an eyesore and should be scrapped, say Hazeldean community members.

"You cannot tell me that a tower is going to be beautiful," said Kisa Mortenson who lives across the street from the site at 96th Street and 71st Avenue. "It's going to be way taller than anything else in the community.

"My children deserve better and so do I," she said.

About 120 people attended a meeting hosted by Rogers Communications and the city at the Hazeldean Community Hall Tuesday night, almost all upset with the proposal.

The tower will be located at the west side of the parking lot of the Good Samaritan Dr. Gerald Zetter Care Centre.

"It's at our cost to have this eyesore in this neighbourhood — to have our property values go down," said Shawn Roder. "You're going to recoup your money by telling people you have better coverage in this area."

The project is not a done deal, said Rogers spokesperson Marina Guy.

"We can decide to maybe change the location if that's possible," she said. "Or put up several smaller cell towers to meet the need."

Rogers has extended the deadline for feedback on the tower.

Last year, residents of the Westmount community successfully fought a cell phone tower proposed near the shopping mall.

Final approval for all cell phone towers is up to Industry Canada."

Watch the CBC coverage here - then go call/contact these people to NO to the Tower!

The ROGERS contact info is as follows:

Carol Robinson - Municipal Relations Specialist
Tel: 403-730-2627
Rogers Communications
#700, 500-4 Ave SW
Calgary, AB
T2P 2V6

Management at Rogers:

Nadir Mohamed
President and Chief Executive Officer
Rogers Communications Inc.
333 Bloor Street East
Toronto, Ontario
M4W 1G9

Contacts and emails are:

Kerry Diotte, Ward 11 City Councillor
Jack Keaschuk, Development Planner, City of Edmonton
Mr. Badruddin Allidina, Spectrum Manager, Industry Canada
Christian Paradis, Minister of Industry
Cathy Raftis, Director of City Wide Planning,
Hon. Gene Zwozdesky, Minister of Health and Wellness,


Deer Valley Real Estate said...

A cellphone tower has a disadvantage and advantage at the same time. It can be a health hazard for those who are living near it but it can absolutely help with the cellphone signal. People around the area must decide well for the best of their interest. :)

Alberta Oil Sands Investor Abroad said...

I agree - NIMBY is accurate term when you can move the tower across the road into uninhabited industrial areas.

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