Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hanging art- or not.

My apologies to Gretchen and her beautiful 'Popping Poppies' painting that took me soooo long to finally hang. But, man was it worth the wait. As we're still in the middle of renos we don't have much other than Gretchen's piece, Chris Hudson's fantastic B&W print and a few smattering of handmade Vietnamese object d' art out.

I attempted to frame a very strong and serious South African picture I had, but ended up breaking the frame. It'll remain in the pile of 'stuff I really want to have on my walls' for a while longer. Anyways, thanks for the wonderful painting. I added a link to Gretchen's site so that you can check out her other works for yourself.

Those orchids look like they're in a wind tunnel!

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