Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Keystone X-L Pipe Conundrum

Good? Bad? What is your opinion of it? A North to South (Canada to USA route) and a West To East (Across AB and BC to Asia) will definitely improve the size of market and increase production.

Aside from potential environmental impact, which as always needs to be carefully weighed and protected, there is the issue that Peter Lougheed raises about jobs going South. While I can empathize with what he is saying, I wonder if Alberta has the manpower or can import enough well-priced labour to refine its own oil. Last time I checked we are often on the tipping point of a labour shortage.

Is there that much more benefit to refining once the refinery has been built? Remember we do have one new refinery being built now. It looks like a funnel south is a more viable option. Any ideas to add?

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