Friday, September 16, 2011

Risk and Rewards for Investors

"Some people see investors as reckless risk-takers, but the one-time lead Dragon in the Den, W. Brett Wilson, has a different impression. Shane Buckingham explains

Risk prevents many ordinary people from acting. Consumed with fear, they dwell only on the potential for failure instead of the potential returns a solid, albeit chancy, investment could produce.

Wilson, who made the bulk of his wealth in the oil and natural gas industry, started investing in real estate about 10 years ago in order to diversify his assets. But unlike his other ventures, his real estate investments aren't too risky. "I see a lot of people trade real estate, but I purchase properties on a buy-and-hold basis. I just like to put it away, so I don't have to spend a lot of time thinking about it. That's partly because I have partners that worry about, but, more importantly, it's because I believe in a long-term hold strategy." Read More

I've watched about 8 episodes of Dragon's Den and I love it. Sometimes I cringe at the pitches that some folks make or worse yet the wrath of some Dragons… Its entertaining and hopefully inspirational. Brett Wilson's new program sounds like it will follow a bit deeper the real 'risk and reward' that you face when you get in the game. Looking forward to this!

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