Friday, September 21, 2012

Autumn in Alberta

Wow. One day you wake up and it's autumn. Is it ever beautiful here. Not only in Edmonton, but all of Canada really does autumn well.  For me a tropical beach is ok for about 2 weeks after that it's so monotonous. However, four beautiful distinct seasons always present something to look forward to.

The market changes too. A property well priced and listed in July will go a lot more quickly than one in October or November. Our Realtor Catherine says anything will sell at the right price. That's the rub finding the right price for you and the buyer.

I always know summer is ending because the calls to my phone decrease by about 90%. It seems anything that is going to happen is going to happen between April 1 and September 30. I stop driving around like a madwoman and stare at the piles of paperwork teetering on my desk. Its a nice transition and you know by April I'm ready to get out and start driving again.

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