Friday, September 28, 2012

This and That

Alberta housing leads nation: CMHC - "The economy in Alberta has been improving and is expected to be one of the leaders in economic growth," "That will naturally support the housing market."Richard Cho, senior market analyst with CMHC's prairie division 

Everything you wanted to know about Edmonton - Here is a great site about people living in Edmonton. Lots of good facts and feedback from real Edmontonians. Great if you are thinking of making the move out west.

Edmonton's job market among hottest in Canada - "Edmonton’s 4.5-per-cent unemployment rate ranked third among Canadian census metropolitan areas, behind Kelowna’s 4.1 per cent and Regina’s 4.2 per cent. Calgary, at 4.6, was fourth.
“The Edmonton economy is just banging away on all cylinders,” said John Rose, the City of Edmonton’s chief economist."

Not real estate related but wonderful all the same CLICK HERE

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