Tuesday, September 18, 2012

We are back!

After a not entirely restful holiday we are back to enjoy a beautiful summer revival in the capital city. Our tour of France, England and Scotland was fantastic! The architecture! The FOOD! The wine (we had an amazing medoc wine on the Bourdeaux coast)! It was all great.

However, 10 month-old and 4 year-olds aren't as interested in these things as we are... Their take on the trip would be more like this. The playgrounds! Loch Ness monster! Chocolate croissants for breakfast! Superman outfit at the Eiffel Tower!

So we had to make our goals meet somewhere in the middle and although exhausted we come home enchanted with the UK and France.

This is the most important re-education we take from our trip. Immediately we realized the Todd and Danielle style of power travel wouldn't work. So we re-evaluated our goals for the trip, decided what was must see and what we were willing to let go.  It's a strategy we use in our business all the time. Now we know exactly how to travel with young kids and still have a great holiday ourselves.

All the best,

Picture is of Dunottar Castle in Aberdeenshire, Scotland - my favorite

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