Thursday, September 27, 2012

Recruiting from the world

This week I've seen two separate articles about people from around the world coming to Alberta to find work. The first was about American vets applying in the thousands to get out here for high paying jobs.

 “As far as I know, Alberta is facing a serious labour shortage and is in desperate need of skilled workers. People coming out of the military do have skills or are prepared to learn them, which is why their unemployment rate is two points below (the United States’) national average.....It’s not just oil and pipeline work up there. There’s all this construction and road work going on,....It’s incredible. Canada has a great economic engine right now.....As far as I’m concerned, it’s a win-win for everybody,”  Ted Daywalt, president of the Atlanta-based companyVetJobs

 The second was about recruiting from Ireland;

“We’re changing people’s lives by giving them an opportunity,”...A new job could mean the start of a new life. Canada needs skilled workers, and skilled Irish workers need jobs. It all comes full circle.” Linda West Actyl Group

I've had a few tenants from the UK. They emphasized the difference in quality of life and the opportunities we have in Alberta and probably Canada on the whole. Todd and I have been doing real estate comparisons and the cost of living is very different. Of course there is a lot to consider and straight comparisons are not entirely accurate.

Actually, on our recent trip to the UK and France we were asked a lot of questions about life in Canada and people had great interest in living here. In France one airport official literally chased us down the tarmac so he could write "Edmonton" down so as to not forget the city name. We should seriously be Ambassadors for Alberta!

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