Monday, August 27, 2007

Financial Athlete vs. Big Bottomed Benchwarmer

Watching Sandy tuck into that Big Mac and crispy set of fries was enough to start my stomach craving for one of those little apple pies that if you wolf down to quickly, burn the roof of your mouth.

Am I getting fat hanging out with her? According to Newsweek’s article ‘A groundbreaking new study says obesity is contagious, spreading through social networks. Friends, more than family or neighbors, are the ones propagating the epidemic.’
Well, I’m sure that there is some truth buried thick in the middle there. But, my common sense dictates that I’m less likely to be scarffing down chocolate floats with my chubby buddy if I don’t like the way he looks. I may feel encouraged to say, “let’s skip lunch and go for a brisk walk” because I care about him and his health.

I understand that obesity is a serious problem and I’m not speaking lightly about it.

My correlation is directed to attitude and learned behavior.
An old adages applies here ‘Monkey See, Monkey Do”. Christakis says, “It’s spreading through ideas about what appropriate behaviors are.” In other words, “If I see you gaining weight, and I respect you, and want to emulate you in other ways, that changes my ideas about what is an acceptable body size.”

I can attest to the power of positive influence. You’ve heard “Your Network = Your Net worth”, this is very true. Not just about money but health, life and ideas.

Sure it’s easier to commiserate the trials of life (and even a way to bond) with friends. But, real progress happens when your peers and associates keep aspiring to do better and you jointly push to reach higher goals- that’s where real, healthy growth occurs. Mastermind groups and Focus Partners enable an excellent source to support, share ideas and experiences that propel you all forward.

Imagine Trump, Kiyosaki and Tiger Woods’ inner circle of inspiration and support.

It’s essential to have a partner, group or team to pull you up the ladder be it health, wealth or spirit. That includes being accountable for your own actions.

Alberta is bursting with over $176B of economic investment make certain you have the network to support your growth and success in this outstanding market.

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