Saturday, August 04, 2007

Go West Young Man...And Woman!

"Go west, young man," is U.S. historical lore. Now, or should I say again, Canadians are following suit.

"That's what a record number of Canadians are doing. More than 370,000 of us, more than in any year before and half again as many as in 2003, changed provinces in 2006, according to data published last week by the well-regarded Centre for the Study of Living Standards. And there can be no doubt about the destinations of choice: Only Alberta and British Columbia recorded net increases in population from migration within Canada. Nor is there any doubt about who's moving: Only 44 per cent of all Canadians, but 67 per cent of migrants, are between ages 14 and 44. Add in children and the odd dependent senior, and the trend is clear: People early in their working lives are the ones moving west." Read More

All I can see is a huge demand for housing and subsequent increases in housing prices.

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