Sunday, August 12, 2007

Why Oil Sands?

Why Alberta?
Alberta Is Canada’s Economic Champion

The days of oilrigs pumping furiously are coming to an end. Unconventional sources of oil require more manpower to get the oil out of the ground. What does oil have to do with real estate? Imagine if your investment property was near the next big oil reserve, workers from around the world were going there to live and work for the next few decades. Tenants were willing to pay top rents because the economy was booming and they were making oil dollars. Alberta is that place, with vast oil sands that hold a proven 175 billion barrels of recoverable oil, second only to Saudi Arabia. The most impressive part is that Alberta has only just begun; experts say oil sands production can be sustained for at least 400 years

Sophisticated investors always look for the next region; now that region is Alberta Canada.
➢ Amazing Tax Advantages- Lowest Taxes In Canada: increasing your investment dollars
➢ Real GDP Growth-4.7% 2006: A growing economy supports an increase in housing prices
➢ Debt Free Economy -$7.1 Billion Actual Surplus PLUS $7 Billion Contingency Fund
➢Over $200 Billion Invested In Projects- More announced daily; they require a lot of workers
➢New Jobs Created at an Enormous Rate-High housing demand
➢Over 100,000 People Migrated to Alberta Last year

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