Thursday, August 23, 2007

This And That

Lowest Unemployment
Canada's unemployment rate fell to 6.6 per cent in October – the lowest since April 1975 – as the economy produced 68,700 new jobs. Alberta's unemployment rate was the lowest in the country, at 4.0 per cent. Read More

Controlled Burn To Stop Pine Beetle
Alberta is planning a controlled burn of trees in a highly visible tourist area to try to stop the advance of the pesky mountain pine beetle. Read More

Alberta Tops In Home Renos
Mirroring most sectors of Alberta's superheated economy, the big leap in renovation spending has spurred escalating renovation costs... Read More

Inspirational Real Estate Success Story
The privately held company, owned by brothers Amin and Mansoor Lalji, will pay $1.644-billion for the buildings, located in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.
Driven from Uganda along with other Ismaili Muslims in the 1970s by former dictator Idi Amin, the media-shy Laljis settled in Canada and went on to establish themselves as one of the pre-eminent property owners in British Columbia's Lower Mainland. Read More

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